How The Flowers Came

Composed by Eleanor Daley
Voicing: SSA
Instrumentation: piano
Catalog number: AMP 0794
Price: $1.90

How the Flowers Came
Rose Hartwick Thorpe (1850 - 1939)
Adapted E.D.

Twas seed-time in Heaven; the angel whose care
Is for Eden 's blossoms, that angel most fair,
That angel whose tear-drops, wherever they fall,
Give birth to white lilies, the fairest of all,
That angel had spent all the paradise hours
Amidst all the jewel-gemmed heavenly flow'rs.

Beside the great portals she paused and looked
Down, down the vast distance of star-lighted blue,
Beheld the gray rocks without beauty or bloom,
And sighed for earth's children away in the gloom.

And so she did loosen her girdle to find
One heav'n-born seed which was best of its kind.
But her eager hand trembled, and down through the
Down, down the vast distance all golden seeds flew!

At the portals of heaven, with sorrowful face,
The little flow'r angel looks out into space.
In search of her treasures, her tears, as they fall,
Find all her lost seedlings, and water them all.

recording performed by St. Mary's College Women's Choir
Notre Dame, Indiana
Nancy Menk, director

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