About Us

Established in 1994 by five Americans involved in choral music, Alliance Music Publications is a publisher dedicated to offering quality choral works for discerning conductors. Its catalog of over 600 titles includes new works, editions, and arrangements by leading composers, including series edited by outstanding choral conductors. Directors of school, university. church, and community choruses will find a broad spectrum of appealing literature in the Alliance catalog.


Dr. Hugh Sanders (deceased), founding Senior Partner

Martha P. Palmer, President and Managing Director

Janet Scarcella, Vice-President

Eddie Quaid, Vice-President

Series Editors

  • Linda Allen Anderson
  • Barbara Baker
  • Simon Carrington
  • Brazeal Dennard
  • Kenneth Fulton
  • Joshua Habermann
  • William Hatcher
  • Lawrence Kaptein
  • Robert Morris
  • Elaine Quilichini
  • Rebecca Rottsolk
  • Paul Salamunovich
  • Jing Ling Tam
  • Rod Walker
  • Betsy Cook Weber
  • Lynn Whitten
  • Judith Willoughby
  • Larry Wyatt

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