Composed by Michael D. Mendoza
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: marimba or keyboard
Catalog number: AMP 0255
Price: $1.40

AMPARITO Text: Jose Salinas

Translation and Pronunciation Guide

Hoy Amparito en tu brillante aurora
Dios te ofrece cual hija que prefiere
El amor de una madre que te adora
Y el cariño de un padre que te quiere.
             Today, Amparito, at your radiant dawning,
God offers to that daughter whom He favors
The love of a mother who adores you
And the devotion of a father who loves you.

In the Latin American countries of the Caribbean, there is a tradition of celebrating a girl's coming of age. Often a girl would receive an autograph album in which members of her family and special friends would write small remembrances, frequently in the form of verse. Amparo Salinas Mendoza ( 1884-1968) was sixteen years old when this was written to her by her father, my great-grandfather, in the year 1900. Other passages in the album refer to Cuba, the land of her birth, and Key West, Florida, where she spent most of her life.

a   like a in English father, e.g., Amparito, cual, amor.
e   when stressed, like a in English pay, e.g., te, ofrece, prefiere.
    when unstressed, like e in English bet, e.g., el, en.
i   like i in English machine or ee in feet, e.g., brillante, hija.
o   like o in English obey, e.g., Dios, cariño, adora.
u   like u in English rule, e.g., una, un .
    Not pronounced when preceded by q, e.g., que, quiere .
d   between two vowels like the th sound in English this, e.g., adora .
    Not as hard as d in English.
ll   The ll consonant in Spanish sounds like the y in English yet, e.g., brillante.
ñ   like the n in onion or ny in canyon, e.g., cariño.
q   like the k sound in English, e.g., que, quiere.
r   A single flap of the tongue, e.g., Amparito, cariño, prefiere.

Michael D. Mendoza
July 16, 1996

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