Composed by Michael D. Mendoza
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: marimba or keyboard
Catalog number: AMP 0255
Price: $1.40

AMPARITO Text: Jose Salinas

Translation and Pronunciation Guide
Hoy Amparito en tu brillante aurora          Today, Amparito, at your radiant dawning,
Dios te ofrece cual hija que prefiere        God offers to that daughter whom He favors
El amor de una madre que te adora       The love of a mother who adores you
Y el cariño de un padre que te quiere.       And the devotion of a father who loves you.

In the Latin American countries of the Caribbean, there is a tradition of celebrating a girl's coming of age. Often a girl would receive an autograph album in which members of her family and special friends would write small remembrances, frequently in the form of verse. Amparo Salinas Mendoza ( 1884-1968) was sixteen years old when this was written to her by her father, my great-grandfather , in the year 1900. Other passages in the album refer to Cuba, the land of her birth, and Key West, Florida, where she spent most of her life.

a    like a in English father, e.g., Amparito, cual, amor.
     e    when stressed, like a in English pay, e.g., te, ofrece, prefiere.
     when unstressed, like e in English bet, e.g., el, en.
     i    like i in English machine or ee in feet, e.g., brillante,
     o    like o in English obey, e.g., Dios, cariño, adora .
     u    like u in English rule, e.g., una, un .
     Not pronounced when preceded by q, e.g., que, quiere .
     d    between two vowels like the th sound in English this, e.g., adora .
     Not as hard as d in English.
     ll   The ll consonant in Spanish sounds like the y in English yet, e.g.,
     ñ     like the n in onion or ny in canyon, e.g., cariño.
     q    like the k sound in English, e.g., que, quiere.
     r    A single flap of the tongue, e.g., Amparito, cariño, prefiere.

Michael D. Mendoza
July 16, 1996

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