Cantan Las Flores

Composed by Michael D. Mendoza
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: harp
Catalog number: AMP 0174
Price: $1.60

Cantan Las Flores
(The Flowers are Singing)

(Translation and Pronunciation Guide)

Cantan las flores en las pampas.      The flowers on the prairies are singing.
Cantan canciones de alegría.            They are singing songs of joy.
Flores azules y amarillas,                  Blue, yellow, and red flowers,
las flores rojas, las flores todas.         all the flowers. Lara, lara, lara.Lara, lara, lara.

No lloren flores tristes                       Sad flowers don't cry
con lagrimitas.                                  with little tears.
Canten. Las nubes traen la lluvia.      Sing. The clouds bring the rain.
Canten. Saluden, canten al sol.          Laud and sing to the sun.
Flores azules y amarillas,                   Blue, yellow, and red flowers,
las flores rojas, las flores todas.          all of the flowers.

Bailan las flores.                               The flowers are dancing.
Lara, lara, lara.                                 Lara, lara, lara.
Bailen las flores con el viento.           Flowers, dance in the wind.
Lara, lara, lara.                                Lara, lara, lara.

a    like a in English father, e.g., cantan, las, pampas.
e    when stressed, like a in English pay, e.g., flores, azules, alegría.
      when unstressed, like in English bet, e.g., viento.
i     like i in English machine or ee in feet, e.g., canciones, Amarillo.
o    like o in English obey, e.g., flores, lloren, con.
u    like u in English rule e.g., azules, nubes.
y    like ee in English feet. ai    like the English I in sigh e.g., bailan.
d    between two vowels like the th sound in English this e.g., todas
      Not as hard as d in English
j    like the English h in hat e.g., rojas
ll    The ll (lloren, amarillas) consonant in Spanish sounds like the y in English
       e.g., yet, (in Spanish America, the American Southwest).
r    At the beginning of a word -- strongly trilled e.g., rojas.
       A single flap of the tongue in the rest of the words -- e.g, flores, lloren, flores.
z    Like the s in English sea, e.g., azules.

The acute accent denotes word stress only e.g., alegría.

Michael D. Mendoza
April 27, 1995

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