Confirma Hoc, Deus

Composed by Jacob Handl
Edited by James Rodde
Voicing: TTBB
Instrumentation: a cappella
Catalog number: AMP 0396
Price: $1.90


The source for this edition is Handl's Opus Musicum III, found in DTO (Jahrg. XV/1-Band 30). In its original form, this motet has no repetition of material. The first ending has been added by the editor. To sing the motet in its original form, omit the first ending (measures 40-41 ), i.e., proceed directly from measure 39 to 42.

Subtle dynamic variation and growth is encouraged to bring each section (A: 1-18, B: 19-31, C:31-42) to fruition. An overall dynamic scheme might include a decrescendo in measure 40, to begin the repeated material atpiano. Tempo suggestions are by the editor.


Confirm, O God, what thou hast wrought in us from thy holy temple, which is in Jerusalem. Alleluia. (paraphrased from Psalm 68:28-29)

James Rodde

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