Au bord de l'eau

Composed by Gabriel Fauré
Arranged by Alan Raines
Voicing: SSA
Instrumentation: piano
Catalog number: AMP 0578
Price: $1.90

Au Bord de L'eau
Text by Sully-Prudhomme
Music by Gabriel Fauré

About the Music
Fauré's interest in choral music was superseded by his love for chanson as evidenced by his output. His fascination for the texts he chose to set is clearly seen in the delicate melodies and subtle harmonies that surround them. Perhaps even more than that of Debussy, Fauré's chansons are in the hands of almost every young man and woman studying voice. They are the epitome of great literature for the young singer. The arranger set "Au Bord de L'eau$quot with this concept in mind and to expose a wider audience to the beautiful lyricism of Gabriel Fauré.

Au Bord de L'eau

S'asseoir tous deux au bord du flot qui passe,	
Le voir passer;

Tous deux, s'il glisse un nuage en l'espace,
Le voir glisser;		

A l'horizon s'il fume un toit de chaume,	
Le voir fumer;

Aux alentours, si quelque fleur embaume,
S'en embaumer;	

Entendre au pied du saule o l'eau murmure,	
l' eau murmurer; 

Ne pas sentir tant que ce rve dure, 
Le temps durer;	

Mais n'apportant de passion profonde,	
Qu' à s'adorer;	

Sans nul souci des querelles du monde,	
Les ignorer; 

Et seuls tous deux devant tout ce qui lasse, 
Sans se lasser;	

Sentir l'amour devant tout ce qui passe,	
Ne point passer!	
By the Water

To sit together on the bank of the flowing stream,
watching it flow;

together, if a cloud floats by in space,
to watch it floating by;

on the horizon, if a thatched roof is smoking,
to watch the smoke;

if some flower is fragrant,
to bathe in its fragrance;

to listen, at the foot of the willow where the water murmurs,
to the murmuring of the water;

while this dream lasts, not to feel
the passing of time;

not feeling deep passion,
only adoring each other;

without concern for the disputes of the world,
to know nothing of them;

and alone together seeing all that grows weary
without wearying of each other;

to feel that love in face of all that passes,
will never pass!

Alan Raines, Director of Choral Activities at Baylor University,
is a frequent guest conductor and sought-after clinician,
conducting all-state and honor choirs throughout much of the
United States. His guest appearances abroad have taken him to
South Korea, Europe and Russia. Dr. Raines's choirs have performed for
regional conventions of the American Choral Directors Association
and the Georgia Music Educators Association. He is also a member of
the conducting faculty at the summer festival La Musica Lirica in Urbania, Italy.

recording performed by The Georgia State University Women's Chorus
Atlanta, Georgia
Alan Raines, conductor

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