Es mıssen sich freuen und frıhlich sein

Composed by Freidrich Erhard Niedt
Edited by James Rodde
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: a cappella
Catalog number: AMP 0557
Price: $1.80

Friedrich Erhard Niedt (1674 - 1708)
edited by James Rodde

		Es mıssen sich freuen und frıhlich sein alle,
		die nach dir fragen und dein Heil lieben,
		mı:ssen sagen allewege: Der Herr sei hoch gelobet!
		Gelobet seist du, ]esu Christ, dass du Mensch
		geboren bist van einer ]ungfrau, das ist wahr,
		des freuet sich der Engel Schar.

		All those must be happy and joyful
		who seek you and love your salvation,
		must always say: The Lord be highly praised!
		Praised are you, Jesus Christ, that you as a man
		were born of a virgin, this is true,
		this pleases the host of angels.
		Lord, have mercy.

All dynamic, tempo, and articulation marks are the suggestions of the editor. The fermatas in measures 19 and 51, however, are found in the source.

Source: D.D.T. ix1.1., p. 64-66

Performance suggestions:
The dynamic markings are approximations only. Each phrase should have dynamic shape and direction as well as a sense of buoyancy. Sensitivity to syllabic stress will be vital to a convincing performance.

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