Meeresstille und Glückliche Fahrt

Calm Sea and Successful Voyage
Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven
Edited by Simon Carrington
Series Editor: Simon Carrington
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: orchestra
Catalog number: AMP 5018
Price: $6.95

Opus 112
Ludwig van Beethoven
edited by Simon Carrington

Beethoven held the great German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1932) in high regard.

They met in 1812, and Beethoven set this pair of poems to music two years later. The composer later wrote to the poet that "by reason of their contrasting moods these two poems seem to me very suitable for the expression of contrast in music. I would be delighted to know whether I have united my harmony with yours in an appropriate fashion."

Beethoven certainly exaggerates this contrast to wild effect; no one knows whether Goethe approved or found it excessive!

The literal translation in italics below the stave is included to help singers color their tone to mirror the meaning of the text.

						Simon Carrington
Calm Sea
Deep stillness reigns on the water,
the sea rests motionless
and the sailor anxiously watches 
	the flat surface around him
No wind from any direction!
All is deathly still, frightening!
In the vast open spaces no wave stirs.

Successful Voyage
The mist clears, the sky brightens
and Aeolus loosens the fearful bonds.
The wind whispers, the sailor stirs.
Hurry!  Hurry!
The waves part, the distance draws nearer;
I can see land already!

Full score and orchestral parts are available for purchase from Breitkopf & Härtel KG or from Edwin F. Kalmus & Co., Inc.

2 flutes
2 oboes
2 clarinets in A
2 bassoons
4 horns
2 trumpets

Length: 8' 30"

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