Wata Kom a Mi 'Eye

Arranged by Paul Tucker
Edited by Jing Ling Tam
Series Editor: Ling Ling Tam
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: a cappella
Catalog number: AMP 0230
Price: $1.50


This Jamaican folk song pays tribute to the memory of a beautiful young girl, Liza, who has either died or suddenly gone away. The introduction sets the mood with a mournful wail and then builds up to the intense expression of grief as the singers declare that every time they see Liza's picture, it brings tears to their eyes ( wata kom a mi 'eye). A plea for the return of Liza, the chorus is more a cry of frustration than a realistic expectation of her return. The grief then turns to pity for Liza's mother, Sarah.

Paul Tucker


Every time I look at Liza's picture, tears come to my eyes.

Come back, come back, gal. Tears come to my eyes.

When I think about that nice girl, Liza, tears come to my eyes.

When I think about Sarah's daughter, tears come to my eyes.

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