Der Herr ist groż

Composed by Heinrich Schż
Edited by Bradley L. Almquist
Series Editor: Kenneth Fulton
Voicing: SA
Instrumentation: continuo
Catalog number: AMP 0126
Price: $1.70

Der Herr ist groż

Heinrich Schżtz (1585-1672) was one of the greatest German composers of the early Baroque. He studied with Giovanni Gabrieli in Venice from 1609 to 1612. In 1617 he was appointed Master of the Chapel of the Elector of Saxony in Dresden. He remained there until his death. His two collections of Kleine geistliche Konzerte (Small Sacred Concerti) were published in 1636 and 1639. They are scored for small performing forces which reflect the musical conditions of his country and the developments of the Italian concerted style.

"Der Herr ist groż" is scored for two female voices with continuo. This edition has transposed the parts one whole step down from the original. It includes a realization of the continuo which may be played on organ, harpsichord, or piano and a part for a bass instrument. This part may be performed by a cello, bassoon, bass clarinet or trombone. All indicated dynamics are the editor's and are intended to only provide a broad expressive framework. The performers are encouraged to attend to proper syllable stress to provide further dynamic expression.

Bradley L. Almquist

Der Herr ist groż und sehr lżblich; 	The Lord is great and worthy of praise;
und seine Grżże ist unaussprechlich. 	and His greatness is unspeakable.

Kindeskind werden deine werke preisen, 	Generations will praise his works
und von deiner Gewalt Sagena. 		and speak ofhis great power.

Alleluia. Alleluia.

Psalm 145:3-4 translated by B. Almquist

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