Donna, s'io miro voi

Composed by Claudio Monteverdi
Edited by Justin W. Durham
Voicing: SSATB a cappella
Catalog number: AMP 0889
Price: $1.70

Text and Translation

Donna, s'io miro voi giaccio divengo
Lady, if I look at you, ice I become
se di mirar m'astengo
if I abstain myself
d'un infinito ardore
an endless heat
mi si consuma il core.
consumes the heart.
No so che m'habbi loco.
There is no place of respite.
Mirar m' giaccio il no mirar m' foco.
To look, I am ice; but to not look, I am fire.

Editorial and rehearsal considerations:

All expression and tempo markings are editorial suggestions. The work has been transposed down a minor third from the original, and a key signature has been added to reflect the most common written accidentals. All accidentals appearing as musica ficta are editorial. Considering the low tessitura of the alto voice, adding a few tenors to the alto line may reinforce the harmony.

recording performed by Clemson University Singers
Clemson, South Carolina
Justin W. Durham, conductor

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