Arranged by Nancy Grundahl
Series Editor: Rebecca Rottsolk
Voicing: SSAA
Instrumentation: optional frame drum
Catalog number: AMP 0867
Price: $1.70

Native American: Muskogee (Creek language)

Rhythmic breathing and a strong “h” on “heleluyan” will keep the character of this piece robust and moving forward. Breaths could be taken after each measure or after two measures depending on artistic preference. Though each syllable should be slightly accented, a stronger accent can fall on the syllable “lu” as in other songs with the text “Hallelujah.” To insure a proper sound on “hel,” ask singers to keep the “l” forward and on the tip of the tongue, separating the two “eh” vowels (the second syllable is not “lay”). The grace notes should emulate the powerful ornaments of Native American singing.

recording performed by Mirinesse Women's Choir, Seattle, Washington
Rebecca Rottsolk, conductor

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